To My Grandpa Dave

Photo by Elizabeth LaDuca

My family has a tradition. Every Christmas when we decorate the tree, we each have a silver jingle bell ornament that opens and we write down what our wish is for the coming year on a little slip of paper and put it inside. Then we open it up the next year to see if it came true. While I wasn’t able to spend Christmas with my family this year, they texted me a picture of the slip of paper from my wish last year. My wish was for everyone I love to be at my wedding, including my Grandpa Dave whose health had been deteriorating for awhile.

My wish came true. My wedding was the best day of my life and it was so amazing to have my Grandpa be there for the celebration – especially since he was the main reason I was able to have my wedding at the location – a location with so many fun family memories. He is the reason that my family comes to the cape every summer and why I get to see my aunts, uncles and cousins every year despite the fact that we live all over the country. Ultimately, he made the cape a place I call home.

Yesterday morning my Grandpa Dave passed away. I know that he is at peace now and no longer struggling. He lived a full life filled with love, laughter, friends and more family than he originally bargained for (my immediate family will know what that means, but that is a far more complicated story that I won’t get in to). Every time I head to Cape Cod, I’ll think about him and every cocktail hour at 5 on the deck, I’ll cheers to him. I know he’ll be there too somehow or someway.

So here’s to Grandpa Dave, who probably never really fully understood this whole blogging thing, but supported me just the same. Love and miss you always.

Notes No. 1

  • If you haven’t started following my new Instagram account @abbybudgetbuys yet – do it! I’m updating it daily and everything is under $100.
  • I’ve been spending a TON of time in this robe that my parents got me for Christmas. It feels so cozy and luxe and I’m totally obsessed.
  • I’m loving these two new coffee table books: India Hicks: Island Style , Dreaming Small: Intimate Interiors
  • If you shop on eBay or are thinking about it (I like it!), this is a good article with some tips on being eBay shopping savvy.
  • I’ve really been trying to be good about drugstore beauty buys, but after reading this post, I’m dying to scoop up a few to try…
  • If you want some cool style inspo, make sure to check out Beth Jones’ YouTube channel and Instagram. I love how she mixes and matches things and puts pieces together.
  • Love looking at these tips for keeping your closet clean and edited!
  • I bought this top in black and gray before Christmas and have worn them an embarrassing amount of times since then – so comfy and perfect for working from home or weekend wear etc.

Photo by @collagevintage via WhoWhatWear