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I don’t know why, but this week has DRAGGED & unfortunately I still have a bit of work to accomplish this weekend – mostly trying to stay ahead of the game since the next few weeks are going to be a bit insane. BUT, you better believe I will be ending the week and starting the weekend with a big ole glass of wine and relaxing with CMV who is recovering from getting his wisdom teeth out.

Potential THANKSGIVING PANTS for this year:

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Debating on doing this because I’m lagging a bit behind.

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This cocktail from A Beautiful Mess is going to be my JAM this season!


5 FAB decorating tips for couples via Lauren Conrad 

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Simply LOVE this home tour on Glitter Guide this week – all the color and prints are perfection!


I’m still mildly obsessed with this song & listening to it on repeat.

Other items I’m loving this week…

I hope you’re doing well and have a F A B U L O U S weekend!


DIY Bar Cart // Part II

DIY Bar Cart

I’m a firm believer that you can live a fabulous life on ANY budget…

One of the many fabulous pieces that fabulous people have is a bar cart! It’s cute, perfect for entertaining and can often run you into the high $100s or even $1000s. Now I had DIY’d a bar cart back when I lived in Cambridge however it didn’t make the trip out West. So far my bar cart had existed as a folding table from Walmart in my apartment, but this article gave me a great idea. I was fully intending to replicate this entire DIY (I mean the main pieces was only $30 at Ikea), when I decided to create a new desk and office space. I just couldn’t waste my old desk and so, I decided to turn my old desk into my new bar cart! Now I know many of you won’t recreate this step by step – but I hope you’ll take this “How To/ DIY” as a little inspiration!

I started with this desk from Ikea that costs a whopping $18 (unfortunately I can’t find it online but it was at the store last time I was there)! To make the desk more of a bar cart I  first took off one of the horizontal cross-bars. Then placed the desk so that the little cubby part was facing towards me. Then I found an old cabinet door in the Ikea discount section of their market place – it just cost me $5! After spray painting it black, I wood glued it to the bottom of the desk to create the ‘floor’ of the bar cart. The wine rack, I found at Ikea for $9.99 and spray painted it gold. For the finishing touches, I found brass handles and corners at home depot. I also spray painted a wall bottle opener CMV had lying around and nailed it to the side of the cart. The screws in the desk were originally silver so I used a Sharpie paint marker in gold to fill them in.

And that’s pretty much it – all for a total of $53.56!

- desk $18

-cabinet door $5

- handles $8.58 for 2

-brass corner $2.99

- spray paint x 2 (around $8 total)

- wine rack $9.99

- Sharpie $1

The bar cart is stationed in my old “office” – aka the darkest part of our living room,  so I spruced the area up even more with some mood lighting and a little greenery – which you can tell I’m barely keeping alive! Side note: any tips fiddle leaf figs? Then, with a few cute bar accessories like an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, fun straws and whimsical napkins (most of which I acquired for next to nothing at Home Goods), I was good too go! It’s not perfect – but how does that saying go? “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”

Now all set for some fabulous entertaining…who wants to come over…?

Chair: Ikea // Faux fur: Ikea // Fiddle Leaf: Home Depot // Basket: Home Goods // Lamp: Ikea // Wall signs: both from Home Goods

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar CartGlasses: ℅ Cupcakes n Couture

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar CartThanks for reading and dropping by today!


DIY Bar Cart