My July Fourth Style

4th of July Style

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but July Fourth is kind of a big deal. Not because it’s a national holiday or anything crazy like that – because it’s my birthday, my mom’s birthday, my 6th anniversary with Chris and the day Chris proposed last year. I’m obviously kidding – the Fourth of July is such an important holiday and I couldn’t be more psyched to share my birthday with it year after year!

I have a few looks on my mind for what I might wear on the actual day, but I gave one of them a test run the other day. I discovered the brand Avenle a few weeks ago and was totally drawn to this cute romper! I absolutely adore the scalloped edging and the overall cut and design of the romper – it’s so comfortable, flattering and easy to move in. Plus, it has pockets which is obviously a huge selling point. For a patriotic look, I decided to style it with a white and blue striped headband, some gold jewelry and a red lip. I’m sure everyone is sick of me wearing this Old Navy flats, but what can I say, I like what I like!

Whatever you are wearing or whatever your plans are this holiday, I hope you have a fun and safe weekend with family and friends. I’ll be spending mine with my family on Cape Cod so make to sure to follow along on Instagram!

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4th of july outfit

white romper

4th of july style

scalloped romper

4th of july style

4th of july style

white romper

4th of july style

Romper: c/o Avenle // Sandals: Old Navy // Bag: Vintage // Sunglasses: H&M // Headband: Forever 21 (alternative here)

My Summerskin


3 Months ago my younger sister went to her routine dermatologist appointment. Never did she think that she would walk out of there with a Melanoma diagnosis. We were all shocked. For all intensive purposes, Tory was pretty good about sun protection – especially in comparison to a lot of our generation. She’d never been in a tanning bed and she’d pretty much always applied some sort of sunblock when being out in the sun. But she’d admit that she wasn’t always great about replying, she loved to lay out in the sun and getting a tan, and from time to time the occasional burn would happen. This isn’t my story and while I wanted to have Tory write something herself, she’s been pretty busy with her first year at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (yeah, she’s kind of really smart). I’ll end this part by saying they successfully removed the Melanoma from her back leaving a decent size scar and we all are committed to being proactive protecting our skin and spreading awareness.

As for me, the fairest skinned of all my sisters, I hadn’t been to the dermatologist in 10 years. TEN YEARS. Right now, it makes me cringe just thinking about it. I think I always reasoned that I was always making dr’s appointment for other things and didn’t have the time. And while I definitely got the occasional bad burn, I tried to be “pretty good” about applying sunblock. Seeing the dermatologist wasn’t really a priority on my list because well, I’m still in my 20s (for a few days now at least) and skin cancer just didn’t seam like a big threat. But that’s where I’m wrong -really, really wrong. Skin cancer is the fastest rising cancer among young women. Scary.

I found a dermatologist in the Laguna area and made and appointment. They ended up circling a few moles and doing 4 biopsys. I left the dr’s not feeling shocked about that, but rather, upset with myself that I’d waited this long. Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it’s about damn time I treat it well and take care of it properly. A few weeks later I was relieved when I got the results and found that while I had to have one removed – I didn’t have melanoma. I will have that one removed in July and have a standing dermatologist appointment going forward. No excuses.

Around this time, I had gotten an email from Summer Kramer – pharmacist, Melanoma survivor and founder of SUMMERSKIN – a clothing line that makes clothing with high UPF protection.  Summer was diagnosed with melanoma at 26 and being that Tory had been 27, there was something more than coincidental about this timing. I knew this meant something. We emailed back and forth sharing our stories and I realized there was no way I couldn’t not write about this Melanoma scare and that I needed to spread the word about SUMMERSKIN , sun protection and skin cancer prevention. Today Summer is sharing her tips on sun protection over on Glitter Guide while I’m styling my new favorite accessory, my SUMMERSKIN striped wrap, for you.

The beauty about this wrap (besides that the stripes are cute and it is UPF 50) is that it can be worn several different ways. Is there anything better than a piece with versatility?! Also, the fabric is super soft and light. Even though you’d likely wear it in the hot summer sun to protect your skin, it doesn’t feel heavy or stuffy at all. I decided to wear it as a scarf and as a shall to protect my shoulders. This piece is perfect for when you are out and about all day because you can style it however you need it to be styled pretty much! It works as a cute scarf but also as sun protector, when you need more sun protection.

I’m super excited to be working with and supporting Summer and SUMMERSKIN and I hope this post has inspired you to really take care of your skin this summer. It’s is so worth it!

For 20 percent off your next purchase from SUMMERSKIN, use the code “ABBY20” now!


Tank: Old Navy // Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer // Sandals: Old Navy // Hat: Forever 21 // Sunglasses Rayban // Wrap: c/o SUMMERSKIN