Reviewed: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I think I’ve been talking about how I’ll be writing more about some skincare I’m trying since before January. In truth, I’ve been trying out a bunch of stuff and it’s been a little overwhelming to figure out the best way to share it or even write about it. Now that I’ve been trying things for 2-3 months, I have a pretty good idea of what I like and don’t like, what’s worked and whats not worked and whats probably more worth the money. But I’m starting with something a little easier today- just one product – a product I’ve completely finished to the last drop. It’s been highly hyped, its pretty damn expensive and this bargain betty is sharing her thoughts…

Reviewed: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Let me introduce you to Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

The Basics

Size: 1 oz

Cost: $105 (!!!)

What it claims to do: Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a “next generation” retinoid oil that boasts to reduce wrinkle and fine lines while correcting any damage to your skin including the sun and pollution. It also calms and smoothes skin, reducing redness and creating a more even skin tone.

The Formula: Includes cold pressed avocado, chia, and concord grape seed oils, as well as blue tansy pure essential oil. DOES NOT CONTAIN: parabens, sulfates, phthalates. IT IS: cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic.

My Review

The first thing I want to mention is that yes, this oil is actually blue and it initially gives your skin the slightest blue-ish tint when you first apply however it fades pretty fast and it hasn’t stained my clothes or pillow. Because you apply it before bed, I never thought of it as a big deal! Also, it does have a scent which I can’t exactly put my finger on – some kind of aromatherapy scent haha (?maybe Jasmine?). I wasn’t fond of it at first but after a few uses, the smell didn’t really bother me anymore and in fact it seemed to make me feel more calm and relaxed.

I did about 2-3 drops on my hand before applying it to my face. It IS an oil so it will feel a little oily but don’t be deterred if you haven’t used an oil before or are afraid it will break you out. I found it to really sink into my skin and immediately made my skin feel smooth and supple. After a few weeks of applying the oil nightly I saw a great improvement in my skin. My skin looked a little brighter, smoother and my lines (especially on my forehead) were less noticeable. I think the bottle technically lasted me about 3 months and I definitely kept seeing improvements in my skin. Based on the product I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for more healthy and hydrated skin and to counteract the aging process a bit. My one big deterrent of course is the price!

Final Thoughts

I really love, love, love this product and if it IS in your budget I feel like it’s a definite must-have. I’d also like to think of it another way – if you break it down by the cost and how it lasted me 90 days – it doesn’t seem as bad. Another point I’d like to make is, besides a cleanser and eye cream, I feel like this product could definitely be a 1 step nightly routine unless you have other skin issues that need attention! So in many ways, this can take care of pretty much all of your nightly skincare – no need to spend money on other products.

Reviewed: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil