DIY Chanel Slides

When I first saw these sandals, I was completely obsessed…and then I quickly saw that they were Chanel and cost my rent. So, I decided to attempt to DIY them! Since I was fairly successful, I’m sharing how I did it with you today. Obviously since I was making it up as I went I probably could have done a few things differently, but maybe if you try it, you’ll learn from my mistakes! Without further delay, let’s get to the DIY…

What You’ll Need: 

  • A pair of black slides: I like these ones from Forever 21 because they are so inexpensive and since the strap is woven, it blends into the rope nicely if it shows!
  • Twisted Cord Trim in Black, White/Cream, Beige/Champagne: I ordered mine on Etsy since I live pretty far from craft, sewing and fabric stores and my Michaels didn’t have this. This rope is the kind of thing that you see on pillows, curtains, lampshades etc. This was my exact order for reference: Black 4 yards, Cream 2 yards, Champagne 2 yards. NOTE: These cords come in all different sizes and widths – you can tell that the black rope I ordered was much thinner so I ended up doubling up on that.
  • Strands of Pearl: I got mine from Michaels
  • Tape
  • Glue Gun/gorilla glue – or anything you think would work best for an adhesive – this is just the first thing I thought of.

Step One: Figure out where to cut the cords – and then cut them. After playing around with the cords and the slides, I figured out that I needed to do 2 braids per sandal to cover the strap. For each braid, I had: 4 black strands, 2 cream, 2 beige and one pearl. Be very careful when you cut the cord because they will fray easily and you don’t want them to unravel. This is where the tape comes in handy. As soon as I cut the cord I taped them to a board so it would be easier to braid. Make sure that when you tape them though, you don’t secure then TOO tight because then it will be hard to take the tape off and there will be more chance of snagging the cord.

Step Two: Braid. I just sort of experimented with how I wanted to braid them and ended up liking the way I did it above. Once I finished braiding, I secured the end lightly with some tape to keep things together. Be especially careful with the pearls. You don’t want them to all slide off and come apart.

Step Three: Securing the top braids to the sandals. If you saw my insta- story about this, I definitely didn’t know exactly how I was going to go about this! I ended up using a combo of a hot glue gun and gorilla glue. My strategy was to use the hot glue gun to secure the general braid to the sandal and then once it was in place, go back in with the glue gun and gorilla glue to really adhere each strand that I could see to the sandal and also to each other. I wanted to make sure nothing was loose. This probably took the most time and several tries to get it the way I wanted it to be. The pearls were especially hard because you really want to be careful with them and make sure they don’t slide of the strand. I made sure that every visible pearl was glued to something.

Also worth noting is that you should take off the tape before gluing the ends of the braid to the sandal. You don’t want any tape showing!

Step Four: Cleaning up the ends. Once you sure that all of the cord and pears are secured to the slide, it’s time to clean up the ends of the cord to make sure the don’t fray. What I did was use a cheap, unused makeup brush and gorilla glue and basically painted over the ends, until they looked completely glued/sealed/smooth/secure.

There you have it – faux Chanel sandals for a fraction of the price!

There are probably better way to do this DIY – this is just how I sort of “figured it out”. Hopefully this inspires you to give it a try – or maybe inspires another DIY project! If you do end up trying this – or something like this – make sure to tag me so I can see your version!

Thanks for reading!


  1. okay i am SO obsessed with these. i saw the chanel ones on damsel in dior and wanted them sooo badly! i would pay you to make and send me a pair bc i am not handy enough to do this myself!! haha seriously though! amazing job, they look gorgeous.

  2. They seriously turned out so cute!!

    Kayla |

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