Month: May 2019

The New Baja Hoodie

The new baja hoodie is not like the one that you might remember from back in 1970 or 1980. They used to be itchy but not anymore, now they are more comfortable than ever. If you are looking for style in the form of a Mexican sweater you have to go with the pullover baja. This is the ultimate sweatshirt for 2010 and the future. They are becoming more popular everyday among high school and college aged kids. They are still very cool and look great like they always have. The colors that are available now are a lot better than the color selection that was available years ago.
There are many different styles to choose from but it is always said to buy up a size. These are meant to be a little big so you need to buy a size or 2 bigger than what you would normally buy. It is a sweater so it is usually worn over other clothing so you need to factor that into the sizing. They are always made in Mexico so you need to realize that a medium in Mexico is not the same as a Medium in the United States. All of the sizes in Mexico are actually a little bit smaller than what you might be used to here in the United States. So take all of these things into consideration when picking out a size of baja hoodie to purchase. This is very important because this things are not found in local stores but online.