Month: June 2019

Introducing American Beauty Products

Beauty product companies are available in today’s current market. They have consistently provided quality products for their customers. Max Factor, Revlon, Shiseido, etc. are just among the few companies that are specializes in this product category. They are reputable companies and have existed over the years and had provided their customers services in terms of their quality products.
There are various internal ways in which a company may work in offering their produce to their customers. A good example of this could be the ingredients that are used in the product lines. This actually means that some companies use synthetic ingredients to produce their line of products such as perfumes, lotions or facial cosmetics. Other companies maybe solely dedicated to providing products made from only natural materials.
American Beauty Products provides a unique promise their customers. In order to understand this, it is worthwhile learning a little about the background of American Beauty Products and the promise that they have made to their customers.
American beauty products are a specific line of beauty products that are manufactured under the guidance of the cosmetic giant Estee Lauder. This subsidiary line was inaugurated in the latter part of 2004 and comprises of makeup, facial care, fragrances and skincare. American beauty products are also known as exclusively distributed by just one retailer. That retail outlet is Kohl’s.
Like any other manufacturer of cosmetic products, a major issue among the producers of these products is the allergic reactions or sensitivities of their customers in using those products. Therefore; before a product is released for general use on the market, often companies will test their products to see what sensitivities may arise when these products are used.
Animals the most often the test subject of cosmetic companies. If after the cosmetic was used and there was a sensitivity to the item experienced by the test subject, then the cosmetic manufacturer would make the corrective adjustments in the formula to reduce the sensitivities or eliminate the cause of the irritating reactions.
American Beauty Products is one company that has promised their customers to test their products and make them available on the market without the use of animal as subjects for testing. They not only pledge to not use animals to test their cosmetics even extends to the policy of not having any third party individuals or labs test their products on animals.
However, to guarantee the safety and quality of their cosmetic products they utilize different ways. They have adopted evaluation of the product and testing for sensitivities through the use of panels comprised of volunteers in a clinical environment.
American beauty products have a lot of cosmetics under their production line. Some of those products include lipstick, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, face powder, lip liner, nail polish, various creams, body powders, and many others.