Month: October 2019

Comfortable and Laid-Back With Casual Clothing

Casual clothing is laid-back clothing that focuses mainly on comfort. It was greatly influenced by athletic gear from spectator sports in the late 20th century and manual labor clothes. Nowadays, casual clothing is popular for everyday attire and extends even in the workplace, with the birth of corporate casual and business casual clothing providing a laid-back look in office settings. For women’s casual clothing, an alternative apparel sale offers a variety of choices for you.
Casual tops are heaven-sent gifts to women that highlight both style and comfort. In choosing casual tops, make sure that it fits your body shape and size. Short tops with deep necklines are ideal for petite women, while bright colors and prints are recommended for bulkier women. Be sure that the clothing emphasizes your assets and conceals your flaws. For instance, an empire waist top hides a bulging belly, while a V-neck top flatters shapely breasts.
There are different types of tops to choose from. A plain shirt doesn’t have to look like a drab when accessorized with a necklace or a scarf. An alternative apparel sweatshirt is simple yet epitomizes what casual is about-comfortable and stylish combined. Make sure that you choose the right material. Cotton is the most ideal type of fabric for casual clothing, but do play around with others like polyester cotton, chiffon, and linen.
There are so many choices of casual bottoms for women’s clothing. Jean are the most popular and flexible because it can match almost any top, but other types of pants are as comfortable as denim too; corduroy, cropped pants, and trousers. Skirts are available in different lengths, fabric, and fit, so see to it that you wear skirts that complement your body shape. The ever-famous shorts may be accessorized with a belt, but it may not be appropriate to wear in some settings like the workplace.
Footwear and Accessories
Casual footwear ranges from sneakers, sandals, and espadrilles, to boots and leather heels. Add oomph with a pair of tights or cute socks. For accessories, choose a bag that goes well with your outfit; for instance, a leather shoulder bag donned with a sporty look may not appear well put-together. Other accessories include hats, scarves, belts, and jewelry.
You will never run out of choices for casual clothing. Being the most flexible and comfortable type of clothing, casual is definitely here to stay and will continue to flourish with newer styles and designs. Visit an alternative apparel sale to choose among a wide variety of casual choices perfect for you.