Month: November 2019

How’s Rover’s Wardrobe Doing? Does He Have a Dog Sweatshirt?

The canine wardrobe craze has spread, like wildfire, around the country. Dog owners in the know outfit their dogs almost like they would their own kids. (Besides, most dogs are just kids with fur that don’t speak English.) There are coats, pants, dresses, scarves, booties and jewelry for dogs. Hats and sunglasses too. One of the more popular garments for dogs, and rightfully so, is the dog sweatshirt.
You’ve probably seen more than a few pooches, with only their fur to keep them warm, out for a walk on chilly, drizzly days, while their owner sports at least a nice cozy sweatshirt to warm their bones. Poor little pooches! Small and thin-haired dogs are especially vulnerable to the cold, damp air. Now, if only their owners would equip them with a dog sweatshirt, not so many would come to develop a respiratory ailment!
Did you know that most dogs enjoy wearing clothes? Kids often play dress-up games with their dogs and it’s not just the kids having fun! Dogs prance around proudly in their clothing?it makes them feel special, a cut above, you know?
Dog sweatshirts are among the most versatile and useful items in any dog’s closet. Worn alone, dressed up or down, with or sans hat, besides which, you’re assured he or she won’t catch cold.
Dog clothing boutiques abound on the net, with everything a dog needs to be well dressed. When you start shopping, you’ll see that the dog sweatshirt comes in sizes to accommodate small to extra large dogs, properly proportioned to fit a dog’s body. You’ll find tons of colors and designs, from plain Jane to glitzy on-the-town numbers, both with and without hoods. Believe me, there are more cute choices than you can afford in a single shopping trip! If you still think the idea of a dog wearing a sweatshirt is a bit strange, first search out a fairly plain and practical sweatshirt for your walking buddy and see how he reacts when you slip it on. If the day is coolish, take him for a walk. Other, less pampered dogs will sit up and take notice of his special attire, too. Other dog owners may also strike up a conversation with you. Great ice-breaker.
Once you see how practical and fun the sweatshirt is, you’ll want to add to his wardrobe. Cold feet? How about a coordinated pair of booties? Hats for dogs are one of the best dog accessories, looking especially well with a hoodless sweatshirt. Sunglasses? Hey, why not? With this much fun, you’ll soon pencil some money in your budget for the well-dressed dog. And, to think, all this started with your purchasing a dog sweatshirt to keep him warm and cozy!