Month: December 2019

Carhartt Thermal-Lined Sweatshirts

Our summers have become hotter and winters colder. While scientists sit and research on the fact that global warming has destroyed the natural balance of the seasons and weather, clothing companies have in turn started researching on their products and come up with some innovative clothing for both the extremes of weather! At places where winter is all in its glory, it becomes necessary to wear multiple clothes to keep your body warm. One of such clothing is the sweatshirt – lightweight but functional enough to prevent your body from losing heat.
In fact sweatshirts can be worn in summers also but the very fact that thermal lined sweatshirts are available makes them a must have for cold winters. Winter clothing is always supposed to be fashionable and not bulky at the same time. It is obvious that wool cannot be used much in weaving and stitching as it will lead to a bulkier appearance. Functional thermal lined sweatshirts are available from the brand of Carhartt which is known for its innovative line of durable and functional work clothing for ages. More importantly, Carhartt is a brand that has become synonymous with heavy duty work clothes that appear great as well!
What about Thermal lined sweatshirts?
A thermal lining in clothes is used when there is a requirement of keeping the body heat trapped inside or even when you would not want the outside cold to affect you. 100% cotton cannot be used for making the sweatshirt’s thermal lining because of the fact that cotton is a type of fiber that allows easy skin respiration and would scarcely protect the body from losing heat. Winter clothing needs to be heavily built but should be light at the same time. Precisely due to these reasons Carhartt has devised a fabric type that is made with 12 ounce fiber – 50% each of cotton and polyester – on the outer. While the inner lining is 100% skin friendly polyester. The cotton mix on the exterior gives the shirt that ‘classic’ look and not to forget – you look smarter in your winter wear!
Other great touches include the double side seamed reinforced pockets that are also lined to keep the pockets warm (no pun intended)! The cuffs and the waistband is spandex – made for easy stretch and does not allow the cold to find an inlet into your body. This makes the sweatshirt one of the really good buys, if you’re looking for great winter clothing. However, one must remember the fact that it is in the end a sweatshirt; to expect jacket like winter protection from it would be too much of an asking. It is just that inner clothing for heavy winters or the ‘one’ for your winter-spring clothing collection!
The reason why you may consider buying a Carhartt product is because of its durability, built and ruggedness. Even after repeated, rough usage and washing the clothes over the years, it does not lose its inherent fabric nature and still feels new even after years of using!