Month: May 2020

Rock Hard With a KISS Sweatshirt

What Made the KISS Sweatshirt Popular
Every hard rock fan knows the rock band legend KISS. This is the most popular rock band that shocked the music scene when they first started in the seventies. They had the trademark of wearing leather suits and face paint in their radical performances. Aside from the good music which earned them 22 gold albums and sold millions of copies, they were also known for the wild live performances where smoke comes out from their guitars and pyrotechnics firing-off everywhere. The band was very popular in that it was the first rock band that was able to make a lot of money marketing themselves with KISS merchandise.
There are a lot of original merchandise products to choose from. They offer the rock band sweatshirt, cards, t-shirts, cups, and even a coffin. And there are a lot of people who remain to be avid fans of the group. As I see it the numbers keep on growing as well. With the band members starting to show some age, the partying days and glamorous rock concerts might come to an end soon – this has had the effect of doubling the value of all the KISS collectibles in the market.
Among the memorabilia and merchandise of the band, the sweatshirt seems to be the one that makes the most money for KISS. This is due to the fact that they are sold in different sizes and colors so everyone can enjoy one. Children, teens and adults can wear them – male and female alike.
Sweatshirt Advantages
Official KISS merchandise is offered to fans so they can show their appreciation for the band and their music; fans love it. But the real reason KISS does it is to promote the band and make more money. We fans don’t care about why they do it just as long as they keep putting out those crazy cool painted KISS designs on apparel and merchandise so we can live and relive good times. But aside from getting something that you can just simply display, why not be practical and get a memento that you can actually use? This is one of the reasons why the sweatshirt is doing so well as a collectable among the other KISS apparel and merchandise.
The KISS sweatshirt can provide you warmth and comfort in cool weather without having to compromise your fashion style. Teens and those who are very fashion conscious often have to face the dilemma of getting comfort and looking good while being covered up. Sweatshirts can solve the problem easily for you.
Indeed I felt very comfortable in my sweatshirt and I am fond of wearing it when the gloomy weather comes. In addition to that, it is still able to get me some attention despite of the rain.