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Rock Hard With a KISS Sweatshirt

What Made the KISS Sweatshirt Popular
Every hard rock fan knows the rock band legend KISS. This is the most popular rock band that shocked the music scene when they first started in the seventies. They had the trademark of wearing leather suits and face paint in their radical performances. Aside from the good music which earned them 22 gold albums and sold millions of copies, they were also known for the wild live performances where smoke comes out from their guitars and pyrotechnics firing-off everywhere. The band was very popular in that it was the first rock band that was able to make a lot of money marketing themselves with KISS merchandise.
There are a lot of original merchandise products to choose from. They offer the rock band sweatshirt, cards, t-shirts, cups, and even a coffin. And there are a lot of people who remain to be avid fans of the group. As I see it the numbers keep on growing as well. With the band members starting to show some age, the partying days and glamorous rock concerts might come to an end soon – this has had the effect of doubling the value of all the KISS collectibles in the market.
Among the memorabilia and merchandise of the band, the sweatshirt seems to be the one that makes the most money for KISS. This is due to the fact that they are sold in different sizes and colors so everyone can enjoy one. Children, teens and adults can wear them – male and female alike.
Sweatshirt Advantages
Official KISS merchandise is offered to fans so they can show their appreciation for the band and their music; fans love it. But the real reason KISS does it is to promote the band and make more money. We fans don’t care about why they do it just as long as they keep putting out those crazy cool painted KISS designs on apparel and merchandise so we can live and relive good times. But aside from getting something that you can just simply display, why not be practical and get a memento that you can actually use? This is one of the reasons why the sweatshirt is doing so well as a collectable among the other KISS apparel and merchandise.
The KISS sweatshirt can provide you warmth and comfort in cool weather without having to compromise your fashion style. Teens and those who are very fashion conscious often have to face the dilemma of getting comfort and looking good while being covered up. Sweatshirts can solve the problem easily for you.
Indeed I felt very comfortable in my sweatshirt and I am fond of wearing it when the gloomy weather comes. In addition to that, it is still able to get me some attention despite of the rain.

Customized Hoodies For You and For Me

Customized Hoodies have been the trend with just about all the age groups for a long time. Hoodies can be tailored just according to individual choice and you can apply a lot graphics, colors, and a lot of funny text to have a hoody of your choice.
Think of a friend’s re-union or a family festival, customized sweatshirts will go wonderfully with the overall theme. While designing the customized Hoodies, you need to keep in mind the kind of stuff you exactly need in terms of color, graphics or text. Also, you need to take adequate care that the imparted customized looks do not come off.
Let us take a look at the things you need to remember before you go on to design that customized sweatshirt
Hoodies that can be customized are specifically designed and marketed. These Hoodies are usually of plain colors and are available in various sizes and materials. You need to recognize the right materials for designed a tailored hoody.
Customized Hoodies can have all or any the components that you want to put in.
Let us now take a look at the steps to design a hoody, exactly customized for you.
First, make a plan about the entire design. In other words, think about how you would like the customized sweatshirt to look. Ideally, make a sketch of the shirt so that you know what you are going to design.
Second, try and attach the patches. For the best looks, fold the patch edges a little. Then thread the needle and keep pulling the thread till the time the ends are even. Knot the threads together to make a robust double thread. Create small patches right through the folded edges of the hooded fabric. Tie the thread very securely and cut it very close to the hood fabric.
Third, it is time to paint the hoodie. You can paint the hoodie using the spray paint, fabric paint or the acrylics paint. You can also use the stencils that are cut from the butcher paper, a cardboard or a regular paper if you do not to do a freehand paint.
Fourth, keep an iron ready after the paint on the hoodie has dried up and iron the paint so that the paint can settle down on the hoodie. This will help the paint to stand up to washing and the paint might not go away.
Apart from having hand designed Hoodies, you can also have them designed from websites. All you need to do is to choose the design and the colors of the customized sweatshirt by choosing the color, size and the images or graphics and it will be done.

How’s Rover’s Wardrobe Doing? Does He Have a Dog Sweatshirt?

The canine wardrobe craze has spread, like wildfire, around the country. Dog owners in the know outfit their dogs almost like they would their own kids. (Besides, most dogs are just kids with fur that don’t speak English.) There are coats, pants, dresses, scarves, booties and jewelry for dogs. Hats and sunglasses too. One of the more popular garments for dogs, and rightfully so, is the dog sweatshirt.
You’ve probably seen more than a few pooches, with only their fur to keep them warm, out for a walk on chilly, drizzly days, while their owner sports at least a nice cozy sweatshirt to warm their bones. Poor little pooches! Small and thin-haired dogs are especially vulnerable to the cold, damp air. Now, if only their owners would equip them with a dog sweatshirt, not so many would come to develop a respiratory ailment!
Did you know that most dogs enjoy wearing clothes? Kids often play dress-up games with their dogs and it’s not just the kids having fun! Dogs prance around proudly in their clothing?it makes them feel special, a cut above, you know?
Dog sweatshirts are among the most versatile and useful items in any dog’s closet. Worn alone, dressed up or down, with or sans hat, besides which, you’re assured he or she won’t catch cold.
Dog clothing boutiques abound on the net, with everything a dog needs to be well dressed. When you start shopping, you’ll see that the dog sweatshirt comes in sizes to accommodate small to extra large dogs, properly proportioned to fit a dog’s body. You’ll find tons of colors and designs, from plain Jane to glitzy on-the-town numbers, both with and without hoods. Believe me, there are more cute choices than you can afford in a single shopping trip! If you still think the idea of a dog wearing a sweatshirt is a bit strange, first search out a fairly plain and practical sweatshirt for your walking buddy and see how he reacts when you slip it on. If the day is coolish, take him for a walk. Other, less pampered dogs will sit up and take notice of his special attire, too. Other dog owners may also strike up a conversation with you. Great ice-breaker.
Once you see how practical and fun the sweatshirt is, you’ll want to add to his wardrobe. Cold feet? How about a coordinated pair of booties? Hats for dogs are one of the best dog accessories, looking especially well with a hoodless sweatshirt. Sunglasses? Hey, why not? With this much fun, you’ll soon pencil some money in your budget for the well-dressed dog. And, to think, all this started with your purchasing a dog sweatshirt to keep him warm and cozy!

How to Measure Your Sweatshirt Size

It goes without saying that one of the most popular pieces of clothing is the sweatshirt, especially if you love playing games, like to work out or you are just simply a proud supporter of your local sports team whether it is a basketball team, a football team, etc. Due to the fact that sweatshirts are so popular, more and more people buy them every year but not all of the buyers know how to properly measure the size of a sweatshirt in order to get the best possible fit.
Measuring a sweatshirt can be very tricky business because they are cut differently from regular T-shirts and their sizes also vary according to the sex of the person wearing them however it is important to keep in mind that a good portion of manufacturers sell unisex styles and sizes which makes it a bit easier for buyers, nevertheless you need to know how to measure them for future reference. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can follow to properly measure a sweatshirt:
Step 1
The most basic step is to check the size chart provided in the product page of the site you are planning to buy from. If you are buying from places such as eBay or Amazon you can always double check with the seller if the product size and specs isn’t clear. If you are buying from the store of an official sports site such as the NFL shop then you will have several simple options to choose from so by just knowing the size of the shirt you are wearing you will be able to pick the most appropriate sweatshirt size.
Step 2
If you are buying a sweatshirt from a retail outlet then make sure not to wear anything bulky beneath the sweatshirt by the time you try it out. Grabbing the shoulders of the sweatshirt and visually measuring it against what you are wearing is usually the worst thing you can do because your body is not a 2D model, it also has depth!
Step 3
If you don’t know whether your t-shirt size will be the same as your sweatshirt size then grab a measuring tape for clothing and Google your sweatshirt size in order to find out if you are a small, medium, large, etc. Remember that manufacturing companies measure clothe pieces differently which is why knowing your t-shirt and sweatshirt size is of the utmost importance.

The New Baja Hoodie

The new baja hoodie is not like the one that you might remember from back in 1970 or 1980. They used to be itchy but not anymore, now they are more comfortable than ever. If you are looking for style in the form of a Mexican sweater you have to go with the pullover baja. This is the ultimate sweatshirt for 2010 and the future. They are becoming more popular everyday among high school and college aged kids. They are still very cool and look great like they always have. The colors that are available now are a lot better than the color selection that was available years ago.
There are many different styles to choose from but it is always said to buy up a size. These are meant to be a little big so you need to buy a size or 2 bigger than what you would normally buy. It is a sweater so it is usually worn over other clothing so you need to factor that into the sizing. They are always made in Mexico so you need to realize that a medium in Mexico is not the same as a Medium in the United States. All of the sizes in Mexico are actually a little bit smaller than what you might be used to here in the United States. So take all of these things into consideration when picking out a size of baja hoodie to purchase. This is very important because this things are not found in local stores but online.