My Beach Essentials

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Being a 7 minute walk to the beach in Orange County, it’s inevitable that I spend a lot of time there. So, I’ve started gathering a list of essential items that I keep together and ready to go! When going to the beach I always want to make sure that I have sun protection, stay hydrated and have some fun entertainment/activities. Of course, if my stuff is cute and stylish, that doesn’t hurt either. Today, I’m sharing my beach essentials with you and what I always keep on hand!

  1. Beach Bag: Since I’ve been living in California, I’ve acquired a decent collection of beach bags. I always think a straw-type tote is fun and functional, as is a classic LL.Bean canvas tote.
  2. Towel: I love turkish towels (currently on sale) and because I don’t typically go in the water, they work just fine for laying on in the sand. Generally though, any cute or fun towel will do!
  3. Umbrella: At age 30, I think I’m finally smartening up about the sun (**If anyone under 30 is reading this, please don’t take as long as I did). In order to get further protection from the sun – especially at peak hours – I’ve invested in an umbrella. And when I say invested, I mean got a super great deal on this totally cute umbrella on Can you believe this one was only $30?!
  4. Sunblock: Yes this is obvious – but oh so important. I make sure I have 2 bottles on hand in case one runs out. Chances are, whoever you are with is also going to want to ask for some sunblock as well.
  5. Reading Materials: It ain’t a proper beach day without some good reads. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I’m not the best reader and typically gravitate towards fun fashion and style magazines. I know, it’s terrible. I AM reading The Singles Game now though which I’m loving. If you are are sick of (or have read) all the magazines on the stand, I recommend you head to Barnes & Noble and pick up a British fashion & style magazine. They are more expensive, but it’s sort of a guilty pleasure of mine.
  6. Music: I always have music playing so it’s no surprise that I like to have it with me at the beach. I’ve had this Sunnylife radio for a few years now and love it. It’s always fun to make a summer playlist every year and jam to it on the beach.
  7. Hat: I mean – I think this is pretty obvious. It protects my face, keeps my hair from blowing everywhere and is super cute.
  8. Sunglasses: same- except protects my eyes and makes me feel mysterious.
  9. Coverup: Chances are if you are headed to the beach, you are wearing some sort of coverup over your suit. I always pack a long sleeve button down or some sort of shawl to put on if I feel like my skin is getting too much color.
  10. Water: There’s nothing like dehydration to ruin a perfectly good beach day. Of course feel free some other beverages but make sure you have just as much, if not more in water.
  11. Light snacks: There’s nothing like being starving to ruin a perfectly good beach day…
  12. Friends/ Family: I always enjoy the beach the most when I’m hanging out with friends and family. That may be sort of obvious/cheesy but… I guess I’m obvious…. and cheesy.

What are your beach essentials?




Color Crush // Yellow

I’m not one to shy away from color but I’ve never been into wearing yellow. Don’t get me wrong, I love yellow and I think it looks fabulous on other people – I just never thought it looked particularly flattering on me. Is that true? I’m not sure, but we may find out soon because yellow is my latest obsession. I was browsing online for a post I was working on for Glitter Guide when I kept coming across THE cutest (and affordable, I might add) yellow pieces. Yellow is the perfect way to add some fun back into your wardrobe this spring and summer. Am I a little on the fence about wearing it? Yes. Will you probably see me in some yellow before the end of the season? Most likely. I made a little mood board below along with some of my favorite pieces. Tell me this hue doesn’t make you smile?!

Color Crush // Yellow

Sunglasses: Spitfire Teddy Boy 2 Round Sunglasses ($39) // Earrings: Tassel Earrings ($98) // Espadrilles: Lace-Up Espadrille Flat ($89.95) another option here // Sunglass case: Horizontal Striped Pouch ($9.99) // Body Oil: Herbivore Botanicals Body Oil ($28) // Pineapple pouch: Hat Attack Pineapple Clutch ($53.81) // Short yellow dress: ASOS Skater Dress With Frill Detail ($52) // Sneakers: ‘Seasonal Dainty’ Chuck Taylor® All Star® Low Top Sneaker ($54.95) // Clutch: Women’s Jacquard Clutch ($16.99) // Sunblock: Neutrogena Beach Defense ($9.99) // Yellow maxi dress: Ruffled Chiffon Maxi Dress ($29.90)

Photos from top to bottom: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

More pieces I LOVE

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