Kimono Maxi Dress And Denim Vest


I’m back on the west side and while I get together my post about my time on Cape Cod (which was so much fun btw), I thought I’d throw it back to this kimono dress & denim vest ensemble that I wore to a fun brunch in Hermosa Beach.

I’m kind of in love with kimono style dresses. They really speak to the more california/bohemian part of my look. Plus they are so comfortable and super flattering! I bought this one on ASOS awhile ago and while it’s no longer in stock, the same version in blue and green still is. I also rounded up a few more of my favorites because, well, it’s summer – and we all need more cute and fun summer dresses #amiright

Also, these pics were taken the day after I got my hair done at Blanc Noir, so we know why it looks good 🙂

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Dress: ASOS // Vest: Forever 21 // Sandals: Old Navy available in black // Bag: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses


Oh bridesmaid dresses! I feel like whenever you tell someone you’re a bridesmaid, the immediate follow up question is “what are the dresses like?” I think traditionally the stigma is that bridesmaid dresses are unflattering and a purchase that you’ll likely never wear again. Luckily, times are changing — for the most part. I was definitely more interested in picking out bridesmaid dresses for my bridesmaids than looking at wedding dresses. But for someone who isn’t “bride-y”, I had very specific thoughts on the bridesmaid dresses which was mostly that, I didn’t want them to look like bridesmaid dresses. I had seen a few pictures that I loved on Pinterest where the bridesmaids wore printed dresses. Then, I saw a few pictures where the bridesmaids were wearing printed dresses and different dresses. I decided then and there that that was the look I wanted for my bridesmaids.

BTW I had decided early on that my bridesmaids would be my sisters and sister-in-law. I’m pretty #blessed to have two really close group of friends and I didn’t want to have 15 bridesmaids – or cut anyone out.

Generally speaking, finding different printed bridesmaid dresses that “go” together can be daunting but only having 3 bridesmaids, it seemed fairly manageable. Prints, colors, where do you start. I really didn’t have any clue to be honest. I like a lot of different colors – and prints. Luckily I had the help of my sister and style council, Becky.

I wouldn’t describe my style as preppy at all, but my wedding is going to be on the beach… at a club… on Cape Cod, MA so there is a certain style that usually rings clear there: preppy and nautical. Ultimately we decided that the navy and white color scheme would be the most fitting for the location and navy is a color I really like. It works on pretty much everyone.

Then we moved on to style of dress. I did want all the dresses to be the same length and I was definitely leaning towards flowy dresses as opposed to structured. In the end, it seemed a no-brainer to do long, flowy dresses. With short flowy dresses on the beach in New England, you run the risk of your bridesmaids flashing everyone should a gust of wind move through. Long dresses definitely seemed like the safest bet.

Finding the right prints ended up being the most difficult part and my sister and I spent a lot of time scouring the internet for options that would work together. We hadn’t really narrowed down any specific prints, we were just looking for things that would “go together”. We found two different navy and white floral dresses on sale at that we loved together. One had more white than navy and the other, more navy than white. They also both had a similar scale (small) floral prints. I was sold on those. In the end, we ended up deciding that one bridesmaid should have a solid navy dress and that would tie all the dresses together. Joanna August is kind enough to lend me a pretty navy dress for the occasion which is really sweet of them. I’m really excited about our decisions and I think that making one solid ended up being the right choice!

If you are interested in doing something a little different for your wedding and going with mixed prints, colors or both, I’ve rounded up some inspiration for you below!








Images 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

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