abby-lately: holidays 2016 & welcoming in 2017

laguna beach sunset

Happy 2017!

I’m coming out of a super busy and eventful stretch so I thought I’d finally check in here. Between the usual Christmas and New Years activities, Chris and I had visits from his side of the family, his sister’s wedding and a visit from my parents. Christmas was great, the wedding (despite the pesky weather) was absolutely beautiful and showing everyone our home/life in Laguna was so much fun – but I have to admit, I’m a little exhausted – I am 30 after all. I’ve been having a good time today looking through some photos from the past few weeks so I thought I’d share a few!

Hope your year is off to a great start!

Christmas Eve

California Christmas

Christmas in Cardiff by the Sea

Christmas Eve

Cardiff by the sea sunset

Cheers to 2017

california christmas

I bet $20 that Chris wouldn’t go surfing on Christmas day. I lost, but it was worth it!

My “Christmas Wish” from last year that my parents texted me. My wish came true!



Last In n Out of 2016 ^

Ojai when it wasn’t raining!


The most gorgeous post-rain post-ceremony sunset & sparkler send off!

Back in Laguna Beach to show my parents around. Lots of walking was done and drinks consumed!

Adventures in LA and Ojai


Happy Hump Day!

This past week I was in LA twice and up in Ojai over the weekend so I thought I’d share some pics in lieu of a normal abby-lately!

The first trip to LA was a lunch to celebrate the new Nate Berkus for Target collection. The lunch took place at Ysabel in West Hollywood which is seriously gorgeous! The space was filled with pieces from Nate’s collection and we sipped a cocktail before sitting down for lunch. I only knew 2 people there, but I ended up meeting a lot of great people – including Nate himself who was so gracious and nice! I’ll likely be working with his team on an upcoming post for Glitter Guide so it was really awesome to meet him in person! I ended up leaving with a straw tote (featured here), the prettiest little succulent in a ceramic bowl and a pretty notebook!


On Friday I went back into LA (specifically Santa Monica and Venice Beach) to meet up with Taylor for the first time ever, and her good friend Cassidy who lives in San Diego. It’s kind of crazy that we’ve been working together for over 2 years and never met in person, but it didn’t feel like that at all. Since we talk everyday, it was like picking up where we left off. Taylor had made reservations to get our nails done at the Olive & June in Santa Monica which we were both dying to go to. It’s the most adorable and relaxing little space and it was so fun to do a little pampering. I don’t ever really wear polish on my finger nails so I decided to join Taylor and Cassidy in getting a gel manicure with a little nail art.

Post mani-pedi, we stopped by the cool Clare Vivier store down the street before heading over to Venice Beach for lunch. We heard so many great things about The Butcher’s Daughter and decided it was definitely worth the 45 minute wait. We wandered down the street and popped into some shops before we got seated and the most gorgeous gold glittery table in the restaurant. It’s like they were saving that table for our Glitter Guide lunch! We were all a little hangry by that point and ended up ordering lots of food including kale chips, quinoa salad, pizza and two orders of avocado toast. Cassidy and I sipped on rosé while taylor tried their juice flight. From the food to the decor and atmosphere, everything was so good! Unfortunately I had to kind of book it out of LA back to the OC after lunch, but I had such a nice day having some girl time in the city!




PicMonkey Collagela4

PicMonkey Collagela5

After crawling in traffic back from LA, I had about two hours before we were aiming to head up to Ojai the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty exhausted at that point, but Chris was a good sport about it as he listened to sports radio (his favorite) while I snoozed with Nellie in my lap! While the weekend was Mother’s Day weekend, it was also my future sister-in-law’s birthday and big horse event at the school she works at.

Chris’ parents met us up in Ojai on Saturday as we watched all the horse events with our respective pups. It was overcast and a bit chilly but it was really fun. I’ve never been much of a horse person but it’s really impressive what these kids do on their horses! Later that evening we went out to dinner and then did some cake (which was so delicious!).

On Sunday we had brunch at the school which is actually really, really good, before going for a walk to see my future sister-in-law’s wedding location. It’s seriously so, so pretty and I can’t wait til she gets married this New Years’ eve! Exciting times!

Chris and I decided to take the more scenic route home, aka the PCH which was really nice although we did end up hitting a little traffic. It was such a beautiful day though! We got home in time to get a little bit more work done on our place and relax a little before the week started again.

Hope your week is going well! Thanks for stopping by!


PicMonkey Collageojai

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